Rare Species Conservatory Foundaiton

Board of Directors

Paul R. Reillo, Ph.D., University of Maryland (Zoology). Rare Species Conservatory Foundation founder and president. Field-oriented population biologist, ecological geneticist and environmental engineer. Technical expertise in field ecology, demographic and genetic analysis of small populations and animal husbandry. PaulReillo@rarespecies.org

Mark P. Davis, DVM, University of Georgia (Veterinary Medicine). Specializing in exotic large mammal/hoofstock medicine and husbandry. Lead veterinarian for the Mountain Bongo Repatriation Project. Wildlife photographer. MDavis@rarespecies.org, www.mdavisphotos.com

Richard D. Estes, Ph.D., Cornell University (Vertebrate Zoology). Behavioral zoologist and ecologist. Specialist in field studies of large African mammals. Species Survival Commission Chairman for Antelope Specialist Group of the World Conservation Union (IUCN); Earthwatch Scientific Advisor; Associate, Harvard Museum of Cultural and Natural History. Author of The Safari Companion; The Behavioral Guide to African Mammals; and co-author of The National Audubon Society Field Guide to African Wildlife.

George Amato, Ph.D., Yale University (Biology). Adjunct associate professor at Columbia and Fordham universities, research associate in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department of Yale University. Conservation geneticist specializing in non-invasive sampling techniques for endangered species, and monitoring the trade in endangered species products using DNA based forensic science. GAmato@rarespecies.org

Christopher Langen, JD University of Miami (Mechanical Engineer). Professional attorney, rare psittacine ecology, breeding and management.

RSCF staff


Karen McGovern, Curator. Specializing in psittacine husbandry and care, web design, and graphic arts.

Michele Miller, DVM, MS, MHP, Ph.D., staff veterinarian, wildlife medicine. Specializing in immunology, infectious diseases and interaction with the environment. Conservation projects include desert pronghorn (Mexico), and pygmy hippo (West Africa). Current in situ projects focus on elephant and rhino issues in Africa, as well as tuberculosis issues in New World primates, elephants, large cats, wild ungulates and other captive and free-ranging wildlife.

RSCF Animal Care Staff

Suzy Berkowitz, Keeper I/Enrichment Coordinator
Rick Cohen, Keeper I
Keith Briant, Keeper I
Angel Bucca, Keeper I
Genevieve Peterson, Keeper I

RSCF offers unpaid internships and field-study opportunities to qualified candidates. For further information contact us.

Rare Species Conservatory Foundation, P.O. Box 1371, Loxahatchee, FL 33470 (561) 790-5864 info@rarespecies.org