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Welcome to RSCF's Learning Center! If you're interested in nature, this is the place to be! Browse around and discover fascinating facts about wildlife, wild places, and wild creatures. We have "green" games, projects and crafts, and links to other great "green" websties. Our Facts and Photos sections are full of images and information about unique animals from around the world, so be sure to check them out. For more animal pictures and information visit our Photo Gallery!



Feathred Facts Feathered Friends

Meet the folks behind Nature's Remedy and learn how birds of prey act as a natural pest control system.

Furry Facts
Furry Friends

Are you batty for bats? Learn about these fascinating creatures, the vital role they play in our ecosystem, and the current health crisis facing these amazing flying mammals.

			 Weird Friends
Wildly Weird Friends

Amphibians are some of the world's most amazing, unusual and misunderstood creatures. Countless species of frogs, newts, salamanders and more are facing extinction due to a mysterious fungus. Learn more about this battle for survival here.


Boot Birdhouse and Planters
Recycled Boot Projects

Recycle old shoes and boots into funky, fun and functional birdhouses and planters!

Worm Farming
Composting with Worms

Create your own worm farm to turn kitchen-scraps into rich compost for your garden.

Build A Pallet Garden

Transform a wooden pallet into a beautiful vertical garden perfect for your porch!

Show your teachers these "green" project ideas and suggest creating one or all at YOUR SCHOOL, then share pictures with us! Send your photos to info@rarespecies.org

Click on the link above to view a selection of short videos taken "behind the scenes" by RSCF staff! See how we feed and care for our animals, as well as all the "extra" jobs we do to keep RSCF up and running. Click here for more RSCF videos including adorable baby marmosets, feeding baby parrots and more!

RSCF BlogSquad

Have you discovered the RSCF BLOG SQUAD? Visit our blog and follow us for day to day updates, pictures and video posted by RSCF staff. Here is where you will find behind the scenes information, event photos, meet our animal keepers, staff and interns, and connect with all things RSCF.

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Enjoy this amazing short animated film from Sweden called "Rollin' Wild"!

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Check out the links below chosen by RSCF staff. These websites, blogs and apps are some of our favorites. All are filled with interactive info about the environment, wildlife and consevation. Great photos and videos, too!

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