Rare Species Conservatory Foundaiton

Below are select publications and news releases. Most are in PDF format, requiring ADOBE READER.


990 and Program Narrative, 2011

990 and Program Narrative, 2010


New York Times, 2004
Call of the Dwindling Wild

National Geographic News, 2004
U.S. Zoos Airlift Rare Antelope to Africa

Communique, American Zoo & Aquarium Association, 2004

Orlando Sentinal, 2004
Bongo Return to Kenya

Palm Beach Post, 2003
Rare Antelope Start Safari Home

Sun Sentinal, 2003
Teaming up to Save a Species

Parrot Chronicle, 2001.
The Rare Sisserou Bounces Back

Palm Beach Illustrated, 2001.
Goodwill Hunting

Psittacine Magazine, 2001
Imperial Recovery, Dominica's Flagship Parrot on the Comeback

Palm Beach Illustrated, 2000
Against the Odds

Psittacine Magazine, 2000
Conservation Beyond the Cage

Lexicon of Parrot News, 2000
New National Park in Dominica

National Geographic, 2000
Earth Almanac

The New Times, 1999
No Bird is an Island

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Reintroducing a large herbivor: a remote sensing and modeling approach to determining the mountain bongo's past and present critical habitat. A report on the second field season. 13 p. RSCF in-house publication.

Estes, Lyndon 2005.
Reintroducing a large herbivore: a remote sensus and agent-based modeling technique to determine the mountain bongo's past and present critical habitat. A report on the first field season. 14 p. RSCF in-house publication.

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Repatriation of the Mountain Bongo Antelope to Mt. Kenya World Heritage Site

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The Journal of Caribbean Ornithology

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Flying High with the Jaco and Sisserou: Real Time Parrot Conservation on Dominia, Nature Island of the Caribbean. Amazona Society UK Magazine.

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