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RSCF is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization dedicated to preserving biodiversity through grass-roots conservation programs rooted in sound science. RSCF employs the "flagship species" concept to identify and conserve high-profile, priority species in order to leverage protection for the ecosystems they represent. Propagation and management of such flagship species, along with field-based research and habitat protection, are ultimately directed toward long-term biodiversity preservation at a regional level. We provide consulting and technical services to governments and conservation and research organizations engaged in conservation initiatives, and form educational, scientific, and economic partnerships to expedite habitat and species preservation/recovery projects.


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Imperial Amazon Chick
Photo courtesy of © Joel Sartore.

First-ever captive breeding of the Imperial Amazon parrot! Click on the image above to read how RSCF helped rescue and raise Dominica's national bird, one of the world's rarest parrots, and to see a short video about our "special guest".

Other News - With generous support from the Batchelor Foundation, RSCF has acquired a portable digital x-ray system to be shared cooperatively by local wildlife non-profits. The system resides at Dr. Susan Clubb's Rainforest Clinic, and allows patients from all local wildlife centers to benefit from the latest in digital imaging technology at no cost.

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Bongo Repatriation Program

Bongo Ranching for Conservation - RSCF has entered into partnerships with private ranches and conservation centers to create new captive breeding groups of mountain bongo antelope. Offspring from these new groups will be available for return to Africa in the coming months and years.

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Dominica Parrot Conservation

Dominica's national bird, the Imperial Amazon parrot, finds sanctuary within the Morne Diablotin National Park. Since the MDNP's creation in 2000, seven additional parcels of land have been included, expanding the Imperial's protected area to over 10,000 acres.

Click the following links for more Dominica program updates:

RSCF participates in a Wildlife Policy and Trade Meeting on Dominica

RSCF sends a mobile wildlife laboratory to Dominica

Fruit micro-processing up and running on Dominica

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