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Paul Reillo, Ph.D.
George Amato
Christopher Langen

Paul R. Reillo, Ph.D.Founder/President

University of Maryland (Zoology). Rare Species Conservatory Foundation founder and president, director of the Tropical Conservation Institute, FIU. Field-oriented population biologist, ecological geneticist and environmental engineer. Technical expertise in field ecology, demographic and genetic analysis of small populations and animal husbandry.

George Amato, Ph.D.

Yale University (Biology). RSCF Trustee. Director Emeritus, Conservation Genomics at American Museum of Natural History. Adjunct associate professor at Columbia and Fordham universities. Conservation geneticist specializing in non-invasive sampling techniques for endangered species, and monitoring trade in endangered species products using DNA based forensic science.

Christopher Langen, Esq.

JD University of Miami (Mechanical Engineer). RSCF Trustee. Professional attorney, rare pscittacine ecology, breeding and management.


Hamish Currie

Dr. Hamish Currie, Senior Conservation Scientist

Dr. Currie is a South African wildlife veterinarian focusing on endangered ungulate health and conservation.  He is the driving force behind the NGO Back to Africa, which successfully moved sable and roan antelope from European Zoos to South Africa, black rhinos from Eastern Europe to Tanzania, and the last Northern White Rhinos from the Czech Republic to Kenya.  He has extensive experience with wildlife reintroductions, infectious diseases and wildlife capture throughout South and East Africa, collaborating with governments, NGOs and private organizations to restore species in the wild.  Besides assisting the Kenya Wildlife Service with recovering Kenya’s last roan antelope population at Ruma National Park, he is an invaluable project partner and technical advisor to the mountain bongo repatriation and recovery effort that will return mountain bongo from Florida to Kenya and help reestablish a thriving bongo population within the Mt. Kenya ecosystem.


Karen McGovern

Karen McGovern

Associate Director

Media/Outreach Coordinator

Matt Morris

Matt Morris

Operations Manager

Lead Mountain Bongo Antelope

Carolyn Paige Smith

Carolyn Paige Smith

Lead Animal Care

Resident Animal Care


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