Spring Internship:

Jan 01 - June 20

Application Deadline November 1

Fall Internship: 

July 01 - December 20

Application Deadline May 1

  • Work at a Fully Licensed, Non-profit Conservation Breeding and Research Center  – Responsible for the daily care of critically endangered psittacines, small primates, and African antelope. Duties include animal husbandry, enrichment, record keeping of animal behavior, enclosure design and maintenance.

  • Prepare and Maintain Animal Housing – Responsible for maintaining animal safety through daily exhibit checks. This includes routine landscaping, clearing habitats of underbrush and invasive plants, and providing animal enrichment.

  • Prepare Diets and Monitor Feeding – Maintain food quality and hygiene standards of animal feed. Prepare food with consideration to specific dietary needs and monitor every animal’s intake. 

  • Monitor and Maintain Animal Health – Maintain daily records of animal behavior to identify any abnormal behavior and signs of illness. Administer medications as needed with supervision. Collect fecals for basic lab tests as needed.

  • Restrain and Assist in Moving Animals – Assist in restraining and examining, medicating or relocating animals as needed.

  • Identify Behavioral Needs and Improve Husbandry – Identify behavioral needs and provide approved enrichment for the animals which includes but may not be limited to, environmental and dietary enrichment.

  • Maintain Exhibits and Assist Design – Help design and construct new enclosures. Maintain exhibits daily and detect and control pests.


  • At least a Bachelors Degree in an animal-related field (Zoology, Biology, Animal Psychology, Veterinary Sciences, and other animal-related areas)

  • 2 Professional References

  • Must have appropriate residence, visa/documents allowing work in the US

  • In good physical health including the ability to lift 50lbs

  • The ability to live on-site for 6 months

  • Standing for extended periods of time and work a 6 to 8 hour day (average 25-30 hours per week)

  • Intern is responsible for their own transportation (airfare if necessary, automobile)


  • $100 stipend weekly

  • On-site fully-furnished housing (utilities including Internet, washer/dryer, A/C & heat, television provided)


Email resume, cover letter, and 2 professional letters of recommendation to Karen McGovern, General Curator

Telephone : ​561-790-5864   Email :


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